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  • Myanmar: Security situation

    Publiceret 08-09-2023
    Landeoplysninger Landenotat

    This brief report focuses on the political landscape in Myanmar, the current security situation, the status of ethnic minority groups and the circumstances faced by those returning to the country. In..

  • Syria Military Service 2023

    Publiceret 07-07-2023
    Landeoplysninger Landenotat

    This brief report focuses on the following issues regarding military service in Syria: Procedure for recruitment of conscripts and reservists; Conscripts’ duties during the service; and Milita..

  • Ukraine - Exit rules, exemptions from military service/mobilisation during martial law, documentation, punishment of evaders and deserters from military service

    Publiceret 26-06-2023
    Landeoplysninger Landerapport

    This report at hand is a product of a Danish Immigration Service (DIS) mission to Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine from 27 February to 3 March 2023. The purpose of the mission was to collect updated infor ...

  • Syria - The Special Forces and the Elite Units

    Publiceret 21-04-2023
    Landeoplysninger Landenotat

    This brief report focuses on Syrian Special Forces and the three elite units, including the Fourth Division, the Republican Guard and the 25th Task Force Division. The report endeavours to shed light ...

  • Iran Protests 2022-2023

    Publiceret 31-03-2023
    Landeoplysninger Landenotat

    The brief report focuses on the countrywide protests in Iran, which began in September 2022, including a description of the protests, the reaction of the Iranian authorities to the protests as well as ...

  • Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) - Issues regarding single women, documents and illegal exit

    Publiceret 21-03-2023
    Landeoplysninger Landerapport

    The report at hand is the product of a joint mission conducted by the Danish Immigration Service (DIS), the Country of Origin Information Division, and the Danish Refugee Council (DRC), Asylum Departm ...

  • Lebanon - Access to Health Care Services for Palestinian Refugees

    Publiceret 27-02-2023
    Landeoplysninger Landerapport

    The present report describes health care services in Lebanon, as they are available to Palestinian refugees from Lebanon (PRL) including information about services for persons with drug addiction, per ...

  • Russia - An update on military service since July 2022

    Publiceret 09-12-2022
    Landeoplysninger Landenotat

    The intention with this brief report is to provide updated background information for use in asylum processing related to Russian military service in light of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which began ...

  • Syria - Recruitment to Opposition Groups

    Publiceret 09-12-2022
    Landeoplysninger Landenotat

    This brief report focuses on recruitment to opposition groups in Syria; more specifically the Syrian National Army(SNA) and Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS).

  • DRC - Socioeconomic conditions in Kinshasa

    Publiceret 07-10-2022
    Landeoplysninger Landenotat

    This brief report describes the socioeconomic conditions for people living in Kinshasa, including for newcomers to the city.