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  • Ukraine - Mobilisation

    Publiceret 24-04-2024
    Landeoplysninger Landerapport

    In June 2023, the Danish Immigration Service published a report on exit rules, legislation regarding mobilisation, documentation and punishment of draft evaders and deserters from military service dur ...

  • Russia - Recruitment of Chechens to the war in Ukraine

    Publiceret 24-04-2024
    Landeoplysninger Landerapport

    This present report is a product of a joint mission to Tbilisi, Georgia and the United Kingdom undertaken by Danish Immigration Service (DIS) and the Swedish Migration Agency (SMA) from 17 February to ...

  • Syria: Ajanib and Maktoumeen Citizenship and Military Service

    Publiceret 15-04-2024
    Landeoplysninger Landenotat

    This brief report focuses on stateless Kurds, i.e. ajanib al-Hasakah and maktoumeen, in Syria. The report gives an overview of information regarding ajanib and maktoumeen, in addition to an update on ...

  • Algeria: Entry, residence and readmission for Palestinians

    Publiceret 15-03-2024
    Landeoplysninger Landenotat

    This brief report examines the aspects of entry, residence and readmission for Palestinians in Algeria. It focuses specifically on the legal framework related to Algerian legislation regarding immigra ...

  • Somalia: Health care services in Mogadishu

    Publiceret 06-03-2024
    Landeoplysninger Landenotat

    The present report offers a description of availability and accessibility of specific medicines and specialised treatments in Mogadishu.

  • Syria: Military Service

    Publiceret 26-01-2024
    Landeoplysninger Landenotat

    The report looks into military service in the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) with a focus on: the current pattern of recruitment to the SAA, specifically the recruitment of reservists, public employees and Pa ...

  • Ukraine – Situation of Roma from the Zakarpattia Region

    Publiceret 18-12-2023
    Landeoplysninger Landerapport

    The report focuses on the situation of Zakarpattian Roma in Zakarpatska Oblast and in Hungary, including their socio-economic and cultural conditions, access to Hungarian citizenship, access to docume ...

  • Sikkerhed og den humanitære situation i Gaza

    Publiceret 17-11-2023
    Landeoplysninger Landenotat

    Dette notat beskriver kort den aktuelle sikkerhedssituation i Gaza som følge af den igangværende militære konfrontation mellem Israel og Hamas, efter Hamas den 7. oktober 2023 iværksatte et koordinere ...

  • Syrians in Türkiye – the Temporary Protection Regulation and its implementation

    Publiceret 08-11-2023
    Landeoplysninger Landerapport

    This report focuses on the conditions for Syrian refugees living in Türkiye, including Turkish legislation as well as the implementation thereof. Since October 2014, Syrians fleeing to Türkiye have be ...

  • Afghanistan: Ahl-e Hadith

    Publiceret 03-11-2023
    Landeoplysninger Landenotat

    The focus of the report is on the treatment of individuals and communities belonging to the Ahl-e Hadith faith in Afghanistan under the rule of the Taliban authorities.