• Ukraine - Mobilisation

    Publiceret 24-04-2024
    Landeoplysninger Landerapport

    In June 2023, the Danish Immigration Service published a report on exit rules, legislation regarding mobilisation, documentation and punishment of draft evaders and deserters from military service dur ...

  • Russia - Recruitment of Chechens to the war in Ukraine

    Publiceret 24-04-2024
    Landeoplysninger Landerapport

    This present report is a product of a joint mission to Tbilisi, Georgia and the United Kingdom undertaken by Danish Immigration Service (DIS) and the Swedish Migration Agency (SMA) from 17 February to ...

  • Syria: Ajanib and Maktoumeen Citizenship and Military Service

    Publiceret 15-04-2024
    Landeoplysninger Landenotat

    This brief report focuses on stateless Kurds, i.e. ajanib al-Hasakah and maktoumeen, in Syria. The report gives an overview of information regarding ajanib and maktoumeen, in addition to an update on ...

  • Årsrapport 2023

    Publiceret 09-04-2024
    Om styrelsen Årsrapport

    Udlændingestyrelsens årsrapport for 2023 indeholder styrelsens beretning og regnskab for 2023.